Christos Voniatis

LLB, PG Cert. in Laws
Certified Trainer & Legal Consultant
CV Insurance Seminars & Consultancy was recently founded and provides high quality services to the insurance industry. More specifically:


Training programmes (subsidized by HRDA) mainly for CPD purposes offered to insurance companies and insurance intermediary companies. They can be adjusted according to the needs of the company at any time e.g. based on its contracts’ terms and conditions.

Litigation and Claims Handling

In cooperation with Y. Vasiliou & Co LLC we handle claims and court cases on behalf of insurance companies or insurance intermediaries. We may also undertake cases on behalf of individuals against insurance companies, as long as there is no conflict of interest.


A wide range of professional services offered primarily for insurance companies. Among others, we provide legal advice on insurance and reinsurance law, construction of insurance documents and contracts, GDPR, etc.

Christos Voniatis

Mr. Voniatis is an independent associate, legal consultant and certified trainer specializing in insurance law. He has worked from 1996 until recently in the insurance industry holding various positions in several insurance companies like Underwriting & Operations Manager, Sales Manager etc.

He has a Bachelor of Laws and postgraduate studies in insurance law from the University of London. The above experience in the insurance industry in combination with his continuous academic education enables him to have a 360 view on any insurance issue.