We specialise exclusively in insurance law
and have long work experience
in various insurance and reinsurance undertakings

C. Voniatis & Co LLC is a boutique law firm registered in the Cyprus Bar Association (Registration no. 933) uniquely qualified to handle insurance-related cases. Our clientele includes insurance undertakings and intermediaries - both local and from abroad - as well as policyholders and beneficiaries of insurance contracts.


CV Insurance Seminars & Consultancy was founded in 2019 and provides high quality services to the insurance industry such as legal opinions, drafting of insurance contracts, creation of insurance products, compliance with GDPR, provision of DPO services, specialized trainings, etc.

Disputes where you are an insured person and/or the policy holder

Claims against a third party where you have suffered bodily injury and/or damage

High level of expertise

Insurance Law
Insurance Claims & Underwriting
Drafting of Insurance Contracts
GDPR, IDD and other Compliance Issues

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