Public Liability Insurance

Purpose of Training

The public liability insurance policy covers only part of the liability that can rise by the law of negligence. There are, of course, more liability insurance products available so we need to be well familiar with them. The purpose of the program is to train the participants well enough to know all the angles of public liability insurance.

Training Objectives

  • Understand how negligence can be established
  • Enlarge their knowledge of the public liability insurance product
  • Interpret the terms and exclusions of the policy correctly
  • Become more prudent while concluding an insurance contract
  • Upgrade good customer service skills
  • Develop risk assessment skills
  • Adopt a more friendly approach to the decisions of the underwriting and claims departments
  • Become aware of Cyprus and foreign judicial decisions in relation to third party liability

Target Audience

Primarily insurance intermediaries, insurance company personnel and lawyers. People outside the insurance industry may also attend if they are directly or indirectly involved with general insurance.
The trainees will be examined at the end and during the program in order to receive the Certificate for CPD purposes.



Christos Voniatis

6 hours

Programme Content

  • Acquaintance with participants
  • Route of the program
  • Other liability insurance products
  • 3 conditions in order to establish negligence
  • Contributory negligence between the insured(s), the victim(s) and/or other(s)
  • Burden of proof and injury compensations
  • Case law
  • The cover, limits of indemnity and deductibles
  • Express terms, warranties and implied terms
  • Exclusions and endorsements
  • Completing the Proposal Form and issuing the cover-note
  • Other deeds: modification, renewal and cancellation
  • Underwriting procedure
  • Undesirable and rejected risks
  • Claims handling
  • Case law in concerning third party injuries
  • Conclusions
  • Test
  • Evaluation of the training program