Basic Training

Ten-hour seminars for CPD purposes (subsidized my HRDA)

Legal Aspects of General Insurance

The insurance industry is regulated by an increasingly stringent legal framework. The purpose of the program is to provide the trainees with the basic knowledge of the insurance law currently in force in Cyprus, with the exception of mandatory statute laws for which extensive reference is made to other programmes (product training).

Underwriting Training – level I

The process of evaluating the risks is of the outmost importance for any insurance company. The cost of a wrong decision can be catastrophic. Responsibility should not be borne only by the underwriter but also by the salesperson who introduced the risk. The purpose of the program is to present to the trainees the importance of the underwriting department..

Claims Handling Training – level I

It is often said that the claims department is the showcase of an insurance company. An insurance policy is an intangible asset where its owner does not know how good it is until he files a claim. For a layman things are simple: you buy insurance, something happens, you claim and get paid. But things are not always that simple. The purpose of the program is to..